Building an Interpreter Series

Glasses on top of a notebookPhoto by Sigmund

After rumbling a lot about learning Programming Language Theory (PLT), I finally decided to commit and learn this field that I care about.

I wanted to start simple, with a friendly resource to just get started. After collecting a lot of resources, most of them were heavy books and papers, I got a copy of the Writing an interpreter in Go book. It seemed to be the simplest resource to get started in the field and it also let me be very practical in terms of engineering a compiler.

But instead of Go, I wanted to use a language I'm most familiar nowadays. So TypeScript it's.

This book creates an interpreter for the Monkey programming language and we'll see in each chapter of this series the building blocks of the interpreter.

If you want to see the code, I have a public Github repository for this implementation: Crafting an Interpreter, a programming language's compiler written in TypeScript.

Building an Interpreter Series

Have fun, keep learning, and always keep coding!

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