The Web: Introduction

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I have started this series as a way to document, research, and share knowledge about the web.

I believe that the web is our great digital infrastructure today. We use it to learn, exchange knowledge, socialize, buy, sell, earn money, and many other things that before were all face-to-face, offline, and that we can now do from the couch at home.

And given its importance, I want to contribute more knowledge about it and in this series, you will hear stories from the web, how it was created, how it evolved, and what is its current state.

Stories of essential characters throughout its construction such as Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the web, and Douglas Engelbart, one of the pioneers of the internet.

The evolution of the famous foundational web technologies you may have heard about. The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And everything that surrounds this evolution, such as browsers and their rendering engine, new tools, such as bundlers and build tools or any tooling that improves the developer experience, as well as web frameworks, let's talk about react, vue, svelte, and everything around that ecosystem.

In addition to the past, evolution, and current state, I want to use some articles from this series to deconstruct the web with the aim of thinking about its future, and what is to come and always taking its fundamentals into account.

I also want to do a series about web performance that is extremely connected to the web and how it can make this platform more accessible and “for everyone”, as Tim Berners Lee would say.

And also new formats and new articles will emerge as the series evolves. In addition to sharing a lot of knowledge, I also hope to learn a lot about this platform that fascinates me. May the web be, in fact, from everyone to everyone.

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