Different Perspectives

1 min read

People always tell me: "you're a really good developer", "you're a talented engineer". And instead of nodding and saying "No way, I'm not", I just wanted to say what Mori said to Yatora on Blue Period:

"It's not talent, I just spend more time thinking about art than most people... To say I have talent is to ignore all my effort."

I feel the same way as her. I spend so much time on my own craft, improving, learning, doing research, writing, sharing. "But why?", they ask, "Why spend so much time on it?". And I need to quote Masako Saeki, Yatori's teacher:

"Doesn't it make sense to dedicate yourself to the maximum in the search for what you really like? When a person does what he likes, he is unbeatable."

I feel exactly like that. Most people don't. I don't judge them for staying comfortable, I know it feels good. But I'm not like that. I'm always in search of the next step, thinking about how I can improve myself and things. It's just how my brain works. It's just a different perspective.

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