Writing & The Promise of Living Forever

2023-01-20 • 21:23

Leonardo da Vinci, Ramanujan, and Aaron Swartz.

They are all eternalized in their writings.

Leonardo da Vinci wrote about his ideas, thoughts, and illustrations in his notebooks. He is eternalized in history through his writings, art, and biographies.

Ramanujan didn't want his ideas to die with himself and publishing was his own goal to spread all the work he did. He is eternalized in history through his publication.

Aaron Swartz wrote software and his idea about the open web and open knowledge. He is eternalized in history through his writings and his work on knowledge freedom.

And this, I write to you TK. Do you want to be eternalized in history through your writings and ideas? Keep asking yourself this and you'll find answers and more answers throughout your life.

First post

2022-04-16 • 22:52

3 years ago I remember I wrote what type of person I wanted to be. One of the things I wrote was "a person who does whatever, however, whenever, wherever he wants". This stuck with me because this is my definition of `freedom`. I want to taste this feeling now, to bring this concept to real life. This is why I built this microblog. A place I can share anything I want. There's no limitation. There's no 180 characters, no expectations from other people, no need to capitalize this. Just me and my own thoughts.