Independent Research and Freedom

2022-04-17 • 16:41

I keep debating with myself what I want to do in my life. What's the next step. "Freedom" is one of the words that come to my mind. Freedom to be wherever I want. Freedom to do whaterver I want. And I started to imagine myself studying, learning, and sharing for a living. Doing a PhD is a possibility in the future but not for now. Independent research is one of the greater possibilities I have for now and my eyes light up when I think about it. I started three main projects: web performance, frontend infrastructure, and programming language theory. Still figuring out how to push it forward in my life and how to do things. I truly want to make this works and I'll keep you up to date!

First post

2022-04-16 • 22:52

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3 years ago I remember I wrote what type of person I wanted to be. One of the things I wrote was "a person who does whatever, however, whenever, wherever he wants". This stuck with me because this is my definition of `freedom`. I want to taste this feeling now, to bring this concept to real life. This is why I built this microblog. A place I can share anything I want. There's no limitation. There's no 180 characters, no expectations from other people, no need to capitalize this. Just me and my own thoughts.