Math Symbols on MacOS

1 min read

I've been studying discrete math and I've never used math symbols that much in my life, at least using computers. This is a very short article on how I use math symbols on MacOS.

  • type control + cmd + Space (or + + Space)
  • search for the math symbol
  • click enter

Video example on how I do it:

Symbols Table

A table for the symbols and how you can search for the them.

What to search for Symbol
double-struck capital z
element of
subset of or equal to
neither a subset of nor equal to
right tack

Or go to the System Preferences on the Keyboard section and check the Show input menu in menu bar.

Now you can show it while typing in your keyboard. So if you need to type π (pi), you can click (Option) and see all the possibilities in the keyboard viewer.

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